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World War IX - "Bender Royale"

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World War IX - "Bender Royale"

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Do you suffer from TMF, Too Much Fun? Rest assured Brooklyn based trash punks World War IX understand your plight, and feel your pain! Their songs are hook riddled cautionary tales that get your fists pounding and your heart pumping. "Why did I drink so many beers?" "What possessed me to pop that pill?" Quality questions for sure, but really the only thing you're going to want to know is what's their next tune going to be, and when are they going on?!

World War IX's new e.p. Bender Royale is just what the rock n roll doctor ordered. Five slimy blasts that evoke the thrash of Black Flag, while celebrating the fun of early GG Allin. What more could you ask for? Well, how about a comic book?

Guitarist Justin Melkmann has chronicled the band's euphoric highs as well as their nauseating lows in his critically acclaimed comic book series Earaches & Eyesores, as well as his own personal unhealthy impulses in the best selling 'My Obsession with GG Allin" Distributed world wide through both Roir and Angry Drunk Graphics, these books serve as the perfect visual component to the music of WWIX.

Visit their website and you can see the new series 'Slap In The Face" showcasing ANIMATED versions of these comics and featuring the songs of WWIX and their NYC comrades. There's a huge community of fantastic music and art out there, and World War IX wants to celebrate it all.

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